Vita Navis SuperStrong

What is it?

The Vita Navis SuperStrong assessment is a career planning tool. It helps you identify vocational interests and align those interests with potential educational and career paths.

You can read more about it on the Vita Navis website.

Vita Navis and VHS

VHS is providing the Vita Navis SuperStrong assessment to every student. As we build toward a truly personalized learning school, it’s critical that we help our learners get clear about their strengths and interests, and use this information to guide them along their path, during and beyond high school. And we’re even opening up this assessment for family members as well so that they (you) can see some of the tools we’re using to personalize learning at Vista High School.

How It Works

In order to login to the Vita Navis assessment, you’ll need a promotional code (Promo Code). Because it’s helpful to be able to search student and non-student assessment results separately, as well as to be able to separate out results for different age groups, there are separate code for parents, for VHS staff and for different graduating classes.

The correct promo code will automatically be filled into the proper field when you click on the appropriate link to the right of this text (or perhaps below it, if you’re reading this on a mobile device).

When you do, you should get to a screen that says ‘Promo Code Accepted’, and you’ll be presented with the option to Log In or Sign Up. Click Sign Up, and then fill in the few fields of information it requests.

From there, it should be fairly self-explanatory to complete the assessment. Once you’re done, you’ll have a Vita Navis web account that will contain the results of your assessment and you’ll be free to explore the many resources available on their site.

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