What do I do when my student is absent or late?
Call 760-726-5611. You may leave a voicemail 24 hours a day, but please call back during business hours (7:00-3:30) to verify the message was received.

How long do I have to clear an absence?
All absences and tardies must be excused within three school days or the appropriate consequence will be assigned. A parent/guardian is the only person who can excuse an absence (not emergency contacts).

How do I arrange for my child to leave school during the day?
Come to the attendance office to sign your student out of class. Students will only be released to their parent/guardian unless prior arrangements have been made.

Please Note:

Emergency contacts do not have permission to excuse absences, tardies or release students from campus. They are notified only in the event that your child has an emergency and you cannot be reached.

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