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NBC 7 Newscast about VHS Inspirational Student


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Excerpted from an article from The Hechinger Report. Full post can be found here.


“SAN DIEGO ā€” To understand just how far Vista High School will go to keep kids interested in school, consider the case of 17-year-old Hernan Hernandez and his skateboard.

Hernan, an avid skateboarder, was bored in gym class. So were his classmates. So, late this spring, Hernan approached Principal Anthony Barela with a potential solution: What about offering them a skateboarding course instead?

ā€œIā€™m pretty sure if you told them they could skate and get an A, they would do that,ā€ Hernan told Barela, a former football coach who is maniacal about keeping Vista High School students in school….”

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