Associated Student Body

The purpose of ASB, as approved by the Principal and the School Board of Vista Unified School District, is to facilitate ideas of education, extra-curricular activities, and school spirit. The purpose of the ASB shall be to give direction to the student body, to facilitate faculty and student body cooperation, maintain a workable student government, and develop school spirit and unity.

All students enrolled in Vista High School shall be members of the ASB.

See the Vista High Associated Student Body Constitution here.


The most updated information regarding senior events and celebrations can be found here.

ASB Applications for 2020/2021

Would you like to be in ASB next year?   

Current VHS students:  you have three options. 

  1. You can apply to be an ASB Executive Officer or Committee Lead (click here for the EXEC/LEAD application). 
  2. You can apply to be a Class Officer (click here for the Class Officer application).   
  3. You can apply to join the ASB class without an elected position.   (click here for an application to join the ASB class).

Incoming 9th graders:  click here for your application.

Important dates are included in every application packet.    Teacher recommendations should be completed on this Google form.


One of the primary duties of ASB is to host monthly Senate meetings where a representative from every class is welcome to attend.  Students who attend are able to provide feedback, ask questions, make suggestions for events, or bring school-wide concerns to the attention of ASB, administration, or the District Office if necessary.   A representative from administration will be present at each meeting.  Click on the button below for this year’s senate lists and minutes.

2019/20 ASB Executive Officers


Brian Rubio

Vice President:

Jorden Groscup


Emmalee Liuchan


Matthew Potter

Picture to represent ASB Executive Officers
Technology Lead:

Brock Arnold

Special Events Lead:

Logan Gossard

Public Relations Lead:

Cassandra Hayes

Publicity Lead:

Cesar Sanchez

Athletics Lead:

Melissa Cervantes

Business Lead:

Chloe Summerhill & Grace Summerhill

Tammie Wood

Tammie Wood

ASB Director

760-726-5611 ext. 71613

ASB Pages

Catherine Connelly

Catherine Connelly

Senior Class Advisor

Phone ext.

2019/20 Senior Class Officers

Kenna Tekstra, President


Shelby Johnson, Secretary


Picture to represent ASB Senior Class Officers

2019/20 Junior Class Officers

Adolfo Bernabe, President

Odalis Ramirez, Vice President

Pamela Romero, Secretary

Julia O’Neill, Treasurer

Melissa Cotter

Melissa Cotter

Junior Class Advisor

Phone ext.
McKenzie Campbell

McKenzie Campbell

Sophomore Class Advisor

Phone ext.

2019/20 Sophomore Class Officers

Matteo DiMiceli, President

Zari Whitaker, Vice President

Asuncion Blancas, Secretary

Aidan Fogel, Treasurer

Picture to represent ASB Sophomore Class Officers

2019/20 Freshmen Class Officers

Ashley Santiago, President

Samira Soriano, Vice President

Evan Fogel, Secretary

Nadia Moedano, Treasurer

Picture to represent ASB Freshmen Class Officers
Emilie Vancelette

Emilie Vancelette

Freshmen Class Advisor

Phone ext.

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