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by | Jul 12, 2017

See the document below for all senior activities and helpful information.  It will be updated as often as possible. 





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0This year’s Grad Nite celebration will be at Disney’s California Adventure on Wednesday, June 10th.    Tickets are on sale now in the Finance office but will only be guaranteed through March 27th.  Students are given detailed event information at the time of purchase.  

Purchase them here.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

When do the buses leave/arrive for/from Grad-Night?

Arrive on campus at 11:45am on Wednesday, June 11, 2020. We will take roll and load the buses as soon as possible in order to leave as soon as possible.  We will meet in the rear parking lot, and you will be divided into your bus groups. You will need your ID in order to board the bus!

Grad Nite ends at 2:00 am. You will need to leave Disneyland and head back to the buses at that time. Once everybody on your bus is present, the bus will leave to return to VHS. THE BUS WILL LEAVE AT 3:00 am, REGARDLESS IF EVERYBODY IS PRESENT! We should arrive back at Vista around 4:30. You can leave your car in the parking lot as there will be a security guard on patrol all night.

 Grads will be given a park hopper ticket that is good for Disneyland AND California Adventure. You can visit either park until closure, and when Disneyland closes, all grads will be directed to California Adventure.  The private Grad Nite party at California Adventure will begin at 9:00pm and last until 2:00am. 

 What can students bring onto the buses?

You cannot bring any liquids or food onto the bus or into Disneyland (we will provide water bottles).  You can bring a purse, sweatshirts, jackets, cell phones, cameras, and personal items you would bring into the park, but you cannot bring a reusable water bottle.  The 2020 Disneyland Grad Nite Policies & Expectations sheet will be distributed to each student at time of purchase.  

 Can students leave Grad-Nite early?

No, all students must ARRIVE and DEPART on the Vista High School buses!  Disneyland will not admit anyone into the parking area/structure in vehicles other than buses. 

 What kind of security will be present?

All bags, pockets, and other items will be checked for any illegal substances and weapons prior to boarding the bus.  All questionable items will be confiscated. You will also be subject to a security search before entering Disneyland. Security is visibly present throughout the park during the event, and a paging system is in place to reach your chaperones should you require assistance.  The 2020 Disneyland Grad Nite Policies & Expectations sheet will be distributed to each student at time of purchase.  

 What is the dress code?

  • Clothing or tattoos with obscene, lewd or offensive language, graphics or designs
  • Clothing that could be construed as indecent, exposing excessive portions of skin that may be viewed as inappropriate for a family environment (e.g., string bikini tops and bottoms, G-strings, excessively torn clothing)
  • Bare feet
  • Weapons or accessories that appear to be weapons (i.e., bullet belts)
  • Clothing or accessories that drag on the ground and create a potential tripping hazard
  • Wedding dresses
  • Sharp or pointed accessories that may cause injury
  • Masks or makeup that could be construed as part of a costume
  • Exception: Attire intended to identify those wearing it is acceptable (e.g., military uniforms, cultural attire)
  • This information is subject to change without notice.

Please note:  This is a non-district sponsored student activity.

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