General Yearbook Information

2019-2020 Yearbook Sales:

See Yearbook Prices 2019-2020 for this year’s sales and special offers. Yearbooks can be purchased via Jostens Yearbooks or the VHS Finance office. Check out the VHS Webstore for more information.


Senior Portraits:

Keane Studios will be taking the senior portraits this year. Seniors will wear the traditional tuxedo or drape. Additional portrait options are available – please contact Keane Studios, at 858-259-1900,  or see this brochure for more information.

Please note: Seniors who do not take their formal yearbook portrait with Keane Studios will not have a senior portrait in the yearbook.

If you’re hoping to contribute your own photos in the yearbook, for anything other than portraits, the ReplayIt App let’s you see and share photos all year long. And you can upload your pictures for the yearbook staff.


Senior Ads:

The deadline for Senior Ads is January 31, 2020. See prices and directions here.


Want an old yearbook?

Books more than four years old (2016 and older) are $20. Both offers are good while supplies last. Books from the last four years are still full price. If you would like to purchase a yearbook from a previous year, please contact Tammie Wood.




Tammie Wood

Tammie Wood

Yearbook Advisor

760-726-5611 ext. 71613

Keane Studios

Senior Portraits

To Make an Appointment:
Phone: 858-259-1900

The Yearbook Only
portrait session is FREE.

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