Every year, Vista High students are able to create their own student club based on their own interests and passions. In order for a student to create a club, they had to find other students with similar interests and a certificated employee who was willing to act as a club adviser.  Then, each club was required to turn in a Constitution form and submit it to ASB by September 13th.  A club list was compiled, formally approved by ASB, and documented in ASB minutes.


If students would like to create a new club, they must contact the ASB Director for directions and complete the club constitution form. A club is only activate if the paperwork is complete, and the club has been formally approved by ASB.


Clubs are open to all students of Vista High.


Click on the link below to see the list of clubs that have been established for this year.  You can also see the club advisor, club president, and meeting times and locations.

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