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Beginning August 2, 2017, students who wish to make any change requests will only be considered for review if it falls into one of the following categories:

  • Inappropriate placement (data entry error, didn’t meet prerequisites, etc)
  • Failed a class and must repeat
  • Completed class in summer school (Transcript proof required)
  • Missing periods or gaps in schedule

Students wishing to request appropriate changes to their schedule must submit an electronic Schedule Change Request form online no later than August 30th.

Please Note:
  • Requests are not guaranteed, and they will be processed in the order in which they are received.
  • Requests for elective changes, “teacher changes” and the swapping of periods are not considered.
  • Students who have concerns with a specific teacher should see their assigned assistant principal.
  • Counselors cannot accommodate schedule change requests via email, only requests submitted through the Schedule Change Request Form will be considered. Links to the appropriate forms are below, under the “Submit a Schedule Change Request” heading.

Submit a Schedule Change Request

If you would like to submit a schedule change request, please find your counselor below, click their name to expand their contact information and click on the link to their schedule change request form.

The below counseling assignments are for grades 10-12 only. 9th grade counseling assignments are still being determined and will be finalized soon.

Mr. Muratalla (Last Names: A - Cro)


(760) 726-5611 x71045

Ms. Marina Oliman (Last Names: Cruz - Her)


(760) 726-5611 x71042

Ms. Lydia Contreras (Last Names: Hic - Me)


(760) 726-5611 x71046

Mr. Felix Santana (Last Names: Mi - Rod)


(760) 726-5611 x71044

Ms. Areli Simpson (Last Names: Roj - Z)


(760) 726-5611 x71043

Dr. Carmelina Reyes (PLA 12 - ELD - Eng 12, 11, 10 SEI - Foreign Exchange)


(760) 726-5611 x71041

Important Dates for Schedule Change Requests

Starting August 2nd the Schedule Change Request Form Link will be open. The deadline to submit a Schedule Change Request form is August 30th at noon.

After August 30th students wishing to change an Honors or AP course must pick up and complete a paper Schedule Change form in person from their counselor and return by the first grading period. Changes can be only be made if space permits, and there are no guaranteed changes.

Starting December 4th the Schedule Change Request Form Link will be open. The deadline to submit a Schedule Change Request form is January 15th at noon.

All Honors and AP changes to regular courses must be completed by January 15th.

Regardless of the semester, after the first grading period has ended, any class change will be listed on student transcripts as a Withdrawal with an F as a final grade (W/F).

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