VHS Reimagined

Learning Environment

At VHS, we define personalized learning as increasingly putting students at the center of the design of learning experiences where they leverage growing strengths, interests, passions, and ideas to engage in authentic problems and challenges that are aligned to standards and students’ personal goals.

Our goal is that students:

  • Co-create and drive their learning experiences
  • Develop the Habits of Mind to approach and solve challenges when a solution isn’t apparent
  • Build digital, media and global literacies, and
  • Create positive relationships through Restorative Practices

Four Attributes of Personalized Learning


Every student is a respected and valued participant. Empowerment comes when students recognize the power of their own ideas and being exposed to others’ ideas.


Teachers and students collaborate to develop a challenge or idea, clarify learning goals, envision performance, and outline a plan so that the desired results are achieved.


Students build ideas through relationships with others as they theorize, investigate and develop in pursuit of a common goal.


Students become self-directed learners who know how to manage themselves in a variety of situations.

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