Challenge & Wellness Courses

The Challenge Based Learning Wheel that gives a glimpse of the inquiry framework using CBL
Logo to represent the new Wellness course

The Challenge Course

Course Components
  • Students build a understanding of Global Literacy
  • Students understand pressing Global Challenges
  • Students build empathy around Global Issues / Problems in a multidisciplinary manner
  • Students take action to Improve Our World

The Wellness Course

Course Components
  • Inspire students to “Know Who They Are”
  • Build social-emotional support for all students
  • Focus on the big idea of “Wellness”
  • Students build metacognition
  • Students learn to utilize strengths in all aspects of their lives to become more self-directed learners
Big Picture

I will explore the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to find an issue that resonates with me, identify a problem, iterate solutions and act to improve my world.

Big Picture

I will explore self-awareness in order to be a mindful, ethical, productive, healthy member of my community.

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