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Reimagining the American High School

In September 2015, sponsored by the Emerson Collective, The XQ Super School Project was launched. The Project was designed as an open call to all American high schools – public, charter, magnet, private – to reimagine the American high school experience. Nationally, 700 applications entered the XQ grant competition to win $10 million over five years and the opportunity to realize the design that would reimagine the high school experience for the 21st century. In September 2016, Vista High School was announced as a winner of the competition along with nine other schools.

To read more about the XQ Super School Project and the XQ schools, visit the project page.

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β€œThe world economy no longer pays you for what you know; Google knows everything. The world economy pays you for what you can do with what you know.”

Andreas Schleicher
Director for Education and Skills, OECD

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