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    We are excited to welcome back Panther students who have selected the classic learning model on Tuesday, October 20th. Extensive efforts have been made to prepare for student return. Students will be returning to a campus with a staff who dearly misses their presence on campus. As is the case with almost every aspect of our lives during this pandemic, there are new and necessary safety precautions students and staff must follow. The links below provide information about the safety precautions being implemented as well as a Student Agreement that must be reviewed, signed, and adhered to by Classic students. Returning students will be receiving this same agreement with the ability to sign virtually by Monday, October 19th. All returning students must sign this Agreement prior to returning to campus. Student Expectation Agreement English Spanish FAQ for School Reopening/Spanish In an effort to give teachers returning to campus the necessary time to prepare for in-person classes, Monday, October 19th will be an asynchronous learning day. Students will not have live teaching and learning on Monday. Students will log into CANVAS and complete assignments assigned by each of their teachers. In addition to the ALL SCHOOL asynchronous learning on Monday, teachers may also choose to post assignments for asynchronous learning on Friday, October 16. Students are expected to check into their CANVAS account each day. There have been a few questions from students and parents about how to determine whether a student signed up for Classic or Virtual school. The designation is based on how the student enrolled in August (the deadline was August 12). We will send a confirmation email to families on Monday for which model the student is signed up. Classic students returning to school will follow the same schedule they have been using in the virtual environment. If a classic student is enrolled in a virtual class, the classic student will be assigned to a room with a certified proctor to continue to take the virtual class. Due to the challenge of creating this master schedule, it was necessary to enroll some classic students in virtual classes. If you are interested in learning more about the nuances of this challenge feel free to reach out and I will be happy to provide more detailed information. Over the past few days we have received over 100 requests to switch learning models. Please be aware that the current master schedule was created, balanced, and staffed based on students’ learning model choice in August. In my 20 years of administration, this was/is by far the most challenging schedule to create. Over the next few days we will be reviewing all of the requests to determine our options in accommodating change requests. If and when we are able to make accommodations families will be notified. Until such time, however, students will be expected to attend the learning model originally selected. VHS Administration will be hosting a virtual town hall meeting on Monday, October 19 from 5:30pm-7:00pm to answer community questions. Translation services will be provided. A link to the event will be sent the morning of October 19th. It has been a very long time since we have been in the company of our wonderful students. Tuesday, October 20th should be a very exciting day. David Jaffe Principal

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    To be updated for the 20/21 school year . . . please check back!

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