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English & ELD

What Students Learn/Experience/Produce in the Department:

Throughout their time at VHS, students will engage with a variety of texts using various reading strategies that encourage critical thinking. Students will interact with both literature and expository texts on a personal level by using collaborative techniques, creating visual and written interpretations, participating in oral presentations and by demonstrating their thinking processes through creative projects. Students will work on developing in-depth analysis skills, and they will also evaluate and communicate reasoned judgments about fictional and non-fictional works through written and oral communication. Students will write coherent and focused essays that convey tightly reasoned arguments.
Students who are English learners also take a designated ELD class based on their typology, proficiency level and years in U.S. schools. In these classes, English learners receive support in developing the language needed for success in academic tasks across content areas. California ELD Standards are used as the focal standards in ways that build into and from content instruction.

English courses offered:

 English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12- British Literature, Expository Reading and Writing 12,

English 9 Honors, English 10 Honors, AP 11, IB English 12

Creative Writing, Yearbook, Journalism in the Digital Age

ELD courses offered:

 Foundations of English Language, Language Acquisition Support, Academic Language and Literacy,

Emerging Literacy and Culture

English Faculty

Cynthia Campbell
Catherine Connelly
Melissa Cotter - Dept Chair
Shanna Draves
Kathleen Ellis
Jennifer Grainger
Heidi Kern
Matthew McClure
Linda Mitchell
Shaina Pardo
Blaze Rogers
Joei Smith
Crystal Terzic
Emilie Vancelette
Nathanael Veach
Veronica Von Borstal


Links to Standards and Curriculum

Focus Standards and Approved Texts

 ELD Standards by Grade