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Social Studies


Our Goal As a Department

To promote knowledge of the core content of historical, political, economic, legal and social issues of our world, our nation, and our community. To develop empathy and respect for diverse cultures honoring equality. To develop critical thinking skills to analyze events of the past and to make informed decisions for the future. 

Course Offerings

9th grade:

  • AP Human Geography

10th Grade:

  • World History

  • Primary Language World History

  • AP European History

11th Grade:

  • U.S. History

  • PL U.S. History

  • AP U.S. History

12th Grade:

  • Gov/Econ

  • AP Gov/ college prep Econ

  • AP Micro Econ/ AP Macro Econ

  • IB History of The Americas



  • Psychology

  • AP Psychology

  • IB Psychology SL

  • IB Business SL

  • IB Business HL

  • Criminology

  • Socio-political history of Rock & Roll

  • Chicano Studies

  • AVID 9-12

  • AVID & IB Theory of Knowledge

  • AP African American Studies

  • Ethnic Studies

  • Small Business 


Peter Brooks    
Cindy Brooks     
Sarah Clark   
Charles Elizondo     
Andres Esquibel      
David Hanlon     
Candice Kordis     
Janet Malauulu   
Lance Parrow   
Mike Pink     
Ryan Smythurst   
Stephanie Suffield   
Jim Thoen   
Ryan Wootton