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Schedule Change Requests

Students wishing to request appropriate changes to their schedule must email their counselor a Schedule Change Request using their (student's) VUSD district email account and copy (CC) their parents/guardians, or by meeting in-person with their parents/guardians.

Change requests will be considered for review ONLY IF they fall into one of the following categories:

  • Inappropriate placement (data entry error, didn't meet prerequisites, etc.)
  • Failed a class and must repeat
  • Completed Class in Summer School (transcript proof required)
  • Missing periods or gaps in schedule
  • Switching from an honors/AP/IB to a regular class (Parent meeting is required)
No elective change requests will be consideredunless a change needs to be made to accommodate the above categories. 

All Classes are Year-Long

Contact or meet with your school counselor during the first week of each semester to request a schedule change (following the guidelines listed above).

Course Selection Forms (for reference) can be found here

For Registration/New Enrollee/General Questions:

Please contact our school counseling secretary, at 760-726-5611 x71040.


Our School Counselors:

Mr. Magana Mr. Magaña 
Last names: A - Co
(760) 726-5611 ext. 71046
[email protected]  
Ms. Alyssa Pinedo
Ms. Pinedo
Last names: Cr - G

(760) 726-5611 ext. 71045
[email protected]
Ms. Olguin
Ms. Olguin
Last names: H - Mar
(760) 726-5611 ext. 71044
[email protected]

Mr. Santana 
Last names: Mas - N
(760) 726-5611 ext. 71041
[email protected] 
Ms. Caitlin Jones

Ms. Jones
Last names: O - Sh
(760) 726-5611 ext. 71043
[email protected]


Mr. Muratalla
Last names: Si - Z, ELD 1-4,
& Foreign Exchange

(760) 726-5611 ext. 71042
[email protected]