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Schedule Change Requests

Students wishing to request appropriate changes to their schedule must email their counselor a Schedule Change Request using their (student's) VUSD district email account and copy (CC) their parents.

Change requests will be considered for review ONLY IF they fall into one of the following categories:

  • Inappropriate placement (data entry error, didn't meet prerequisites, etc.)
  • Failed a class and must repeat
  • Completed Class in Summer School (transcript proof required)
  • Missing periods or gaps in schedule
  • Switching from an honors/AP/IB to a regular class (Parent meeting is required)
No elective change requests will be considered, unless a change needs to be made to accommodate the above categories. 

All Classes are Year-Long

Contact or meet with your school counselor during the first week of each semester to request a schedule change (following the guidelines listed above).

Course Selection Forms (for reference) can be found here

For Registration/New Enrollee/General Questions:

Please contact our school counseling secretary, Ms. Nancy Gante, at 760-726-5611 x71040.


Our School Counselors:

magana Mr. Magaña 
Last names: A - Co
(760) 726-5611 ext. 71046
[email protected]  
Ms. Alyssa Pinedo
Ms. Pinedo
Last names: Cr - G

(760) 726-5611 ext. 71045
[email protected]
Ms. Nikki Olguin
Ms. Olguin
Last names: H - Mar
(760) 726-5611 ext. 71044
[email protected]

Mr. Santana 
Last names: Mas - N
(760) 726-5611 ext. 71041
[email protected] 
Ms. Caitlin Jones

Ms. Jones
Last names: O - Sh
(760) 726-5611 ext. 71043
[email protected]


Mr. Muratalla
Last names: Si - Z, ELD 1-4,
& Foreign Exchange

(760) 726-5611 ext. 71042
[email protected]