As a student at Vista High School, your first resource when you are struggling academically is your teachers. Talk to your teachers before class, after class, or reach out through email or any other method stated in the class syllabus. 

School Counselors

In addition to your teachers, Vista High School has six wonderful counselors. You have already been given a counselor based on your last name (see below). Counselors are a great resources who provide educational, career, social and personal guidance. 

Mr. Magana serves students with last names “A to Co” 

Mrs. Peart serves students with last names “Cr to Ha” 

Mrs. Contreras serves students with last names “He to Mar” 

Mr. Santana serves students with last names “Mas to Rayo” 

Mrs. Simpson serves students with last names “Rayon to Sergeant” 

Mr. Muratalla serves students with last names “Serano to Z" In addition, Mr. Muratalla serves students in the English Language Development (ELD) program and students in the foreign exchange program. 

If you wish to meet with your counselor, schedule an appointment with Nancy Gantevenacio in the office or email her at [email protected]

Canvas Resources
If you need help with Canvas, check out this link.
Promoting Achievement and Student Success (PASS) AmeriCorp 
PASS AmeriCorp provides support for students through individual and group mentoring, academic support, grades and attendance reviews, leadership development, guest speakers, and service-learning projects. PASS mentors sometimes accompany students in the classroom or can tutor or counsel them. Virtual assistance is available.
Some other areas where PASS AmeriCorp can help are as follows: College and Career Readiness, Social and Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution, Critical Thinking and Decision Making, Anger and Stress Management, Substance Abuse Prevention, Gang and Violence Prevention and Intervention, Anti-Bullying/Cyberbullying, Healthy Relationships, Body Image and Self-Esteem, Coping Skills and Self-Care.

Panther After Hours

(PAH) offers after school tutoring services every day from 2:30 to 5 p.m. in the Panther Library. PAH has a canvas page that can be accessed through the Vista High School website. To get there, go to the "Student Life" menu then look for the PAH tab.  It is overseen by Mrs. Kimberly Camplisson. 

GEARUP provides information and helps with everything college-related. In addition, they offer tutoring, homework help, and study skill practice for students.

Upward Bound
Upward Bound provides academic advising, college help, field trips, and events, after school tutoring, and PSAT/SAT/ACT prep. They also provide an extensive summer program with events, tours, and learning opportunities.

Educational Talent Search (ETS)
ETS serves first-generation and low-income students to help them graduate high school and enroll in/complete college. They offer services such as tutoring, mentoring, financial aid assistance, and more.  Edwin Torres is located on campus in room V10. Visit him for more information or email him at
[email protected] We’ve contracted to provide 24/7 high-quality professional tutoring services to all of our high school students as well. Visit their website for more resources and TUTORING