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College & Post-Secondary Options

Post-Secondary Education?

Post-secondary education does not just means college or university. It means any education AFTER high school. If your future job/career requires some sort of knowledge and/or education in addition to a high school diploma, you need to plan on pursuing a post-secondary education. 

Build a Post-Secondary Education List:

When building a post-secondary education list, you have to choose at least 3 education options: Reach, Match, and Safety schools.

These are the schools that you can be accepted into, but, because so many people apply to them, it might be more challenging to get an acceptance letter. 

These are the schools that you have a really high chance to get into. You might have even gone above and beyond the minimum application requirements, and you can see yourself attending those schools. 

These are the schools that you can easily get into since you have gone above and beyond the minimum application requirements.

Things to Consider

Although the chances of getting into any of these schools might be greater for some more than others, it is never 100% certain. Therefore, we also recommend for you to apply to either Palomar or MiraCosta College as a backup to your backup (in case you were not thinking of applying to them already). Plus the application to Community College is free! 

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