Online Schedule Change Request Instructions

If you would like to request a schedule change please complete the online Schedule Change Request Form HERE using your (student's) VUSD district email account to access the form. Example:

Due to COVID new protocols in determining both a classic and virtual master schedule, schedule changes and movements are limited and based on space availability. Requests must be submitted online. Counselors will not accept email requests. Requests will be addressed in the order in which they are received.
Beginning September 8, 2020, students who wish to make any change requests will only be considered for review if it falls into one of the following categories:

  • Inappropriate placement (data entry error, didn't meet prerequisites, etc)
  • Failed a class and must repeat
  • Complete class in summer school (Transcript proof required. Please submit your official transcript to VHS registrar Mary Kizer at
  • Missing periods of gaps in schedule; Please note: All students must be enrolled in 6 courses. If you have fewer than 6 please fill out the form. Seniors must have a minimum of 5 courses per board policy 

Students wishing to request appropriate changes to their schedule must submit an electronic Schedule Change Request form. Email requests will not be accepted. DEADLINE to submit an electronic Schedule Change Request form online is September 30th.

Limited Course Offerings:

Due to the challenging nature of a virtual schedule, the following courses will not be offered during the first semester. We apologize for any inconvenience to your schedule:

  • Teacher Aide; Office Aide
  • Off Campus Course; Internship
  • Peer Leaders (PLUS); Peer Counseling
  • Intro to Ag, Science Methods, 3D Design & Sculpting, PE Cycling, PE Surf, PE Spirit Squad

Credit Recovery

Students enrolled in the Edgenuity/ E2020 program on their schedule either during the school day or after school will start courses one week after the first day of school. You will be notified via email once your Edgenuity account has been set up. If you need to repeat a course contact your counselor on the Schedule Change request form. 

Dual Enrollment

If you are enrolled in the Palomar College dual enrollment program, you should have received an email from your counselor. Classes begin Sept 28th and will be offered after school. Please contact your counselor directly for more information. 

Registration/ New Enrollee/ and General Questions:

Please contact our counseling secretary, Ms. Nancy Gante at 760-726-5611 X71040.

The schedule change window is now CLOSED 



Mr. Magaña 
Last names: A - Co

Window is currently closed
Mrs. Peart 
Last names: Cr - Ha

Window is currently closed
Ms. Contreras
Last names: He - Mar

Window is currently closed
Mr. Santana 
Last names: Mas - Rayo

Window is currently closed
Mrs. Simpson
Last names: Rayón - Sergeant

Window is currently closed
Mr. Muratalla
Last names: Serrano - Z, ELD 1-4 & Foreign Exchange

Window is currently closed