Scholarships For Culinary Students
Posted on 05/06/2022

Culinary Arts Winners
Four Vista High School students recently won culinary college scholarships at the California Restaurant Foundation's 2022 ProStart Cup, a culinary arts and resaurant entrepreneurship competition held in Long Beach.

More than 40 students from across California competed by preparing three-course meals and pitching innovation resaurant concepts to a panel of restaurant and food industry professionals.
Culinary Arts Winners
The Vista High School team of Getzain Lopez Alonzo, Allison Levings, Erick Kirsch and Grace Heffner, led by teacher Kim Plunkett, placed third in the PJ's Restaurants Culinary Cup competition. They had just 60-minutes to create a three-course meal, and presented the judges with: Kampachi Crudo (starter); Beef With Mexican Street Corn (entree) and Abuelas Panna Cotta (dessert).

The dishes earned each team member up to $75,000 in culinary scholarships. College offer set scholarships based on the winner's ranking, and students claim the scholarship when they enroll in any of the college offering ProStart competition scholarships. Vist