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Mission, Vision, & Values

Our Mission

* To invite students to co-create learning experiences.

* To help students develop the dispositions, behaviors and attitudes needed to think through challenges.

* To help students discover themselves as learners as they develop contemporary skills need to navigate an ever evolving future.

*  To ensure students learn in a safe environment, to take appropriate  risks and understand themselves as learners. 


Our Vision

Our Vision and Promise is to prepare our students to meet the challenges of their futures. That each member of the Vista High School Community will help students


Know who they are


          - Their strengths, interests and values


Know where they are going


          - What they hope for in their future


Know the next steps to get there


          - School, career, vocation, military



Build the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude  to succeed


          - Academic Performance, self-directed learning,                  Habits of Mind, Pillars of Character


Our Values




Knowing, valuing, and treating all with dignity




Focusing every decision on the best interests of our learners through transparency, honest communication, and integrity




Creating a culture of continuous improvement, working in partnership with students, families, staff, and the community




 Valuing diversity and providing equitable access and resources across the district for all students and adults to reach their full potential




Developing a compassionate, nurturing, and kind learning and working environment