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Chromebook FAQs

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1. What is a Chromebook? What can it do?
A Chromebook is a “laptop” that runs on Google’s web-based Chrome operating system. Its primary function is to connect to the internet. While there is very limited storage space available, most documents and apps exist in the cloud when using a Chromebook.

2. Since you’re using Google Apps for Education will Google sell or share student information?
The information in Google Apps for Education is private and will not be shared or sold.

3. Can our student bring in a personally owned laptop or Chromebook instead of using the school issued Chromebook?
Yes, but a student-owned device can only connect to the VUSD Guest wifi which has limited access. Also, we are unable to offer the MDCPP or deactivate use if a personal device is lost/stolen.

4. Will students be expected to use the Chromebook for school-related activities only?

Chromebooks are issued for academic purposes and students will be able to access any web based resource allowed through the school’s internet filter, no matter where it is used. Since the Chromebook is a District owned device, the Student Acceptable Use/Responsibility Agreement is in effect at any time the Chromebook is used, whether at school or home.

5. What happens if my student’s Chromebook gets stolen or damaged? Who will be responsible for that?
If the Chromebook is stolen, the student is responsible for the full cost of replacement and will be issued another device. If the Chromebook is damaged, the student will receive a replacement device and be charged for replacement parts.

VUSD offers a Chromebook Protection Plan that can be purchased annually at the Finance Office for $20 within two weeks of being issued the device. This covers two incidents of accidental damage or theft per school year. See for more information.

6. Are Chromebooks uniquely assigned to a specific student?
Yes. Each Chromebook has a unique asset tag that is assigned to a student’s id number.

7. Will my student be required to return the Chromebook at the end of each school year?

No. Chromebooks will be assigned to each new incoming student who may keep it all four years, including over breaks. Students are required to return the Chromebook upon transferring to another school site or prior to graduation.

8. What happens if my student’s Chromebook is not working? Will they be given another one to use?
If the Chromebook is not working, the student needs to go to the Library Annex during Nutrition Break or after school for a repair request and will be issued a replacement device.

9. What will my student do if we don’t have wifi access at home?
There are various locations in the community that offer free wifi access. VHS also has wireless hotspots available to borrow.

10. Will there be charging stations at the school?
Charging stations will not be available at the school. The Chromebook has a battery capacity of 8 hours when fully charged. Students will need to routinely charge their Chromebooks overnight prior to coming to school the next day. There are a limited number of charging lockers available for emergencies.

11. Will you be able to secure the internet connection when my student uses the Chromebook outside of school?
Yes. Access to any web-based resource goes through the District’s internet filter, no matter where it is used.

12. How will inappropriate use of the Chromebook be addressed?
Students using the District issued Chromebook in school and outside of school are expected to comply with Student Acceptable Use/Responsibility Agreement. Violations of any of these policies or agreements are subject to student disciplinary action under the school's Student Discipline policy.

13. Will the school be able to see everything that my student does through the Chromebook?
Monitoring of student activities on the Chromebook can only occur when used in the school. However, web content filtering software is always on, whether being used on or off campus.