The Health Office is staffed by a full-time health technician, Pattie Hoffman, as well as a part-time registered nurse, Keri Miller.
For questions or concerns, please email or call 760-726-5611 ext. to leave a message.

Nurse Miller Nurse Pattie
 Keri Miller, RN, MSN
ext. 71
 Nurse Pattie  
ext. 71

Leaving School Due to Illness

Students must report to the Health Office with a pass from their teacher if they become ill and need to leave school. The Health Office will evaluate the student's medical need and release the student with approval from a parent/guardian only. Students much check out through the Health Office in order to have an excused Medical Absence recorded.

Per Ed Code and for security reasons, the parent/guardian or emergency contact person taking a student off campus is required to present a photo ID.

Note: Students may not call parent/guardian from the classroom or cell phone to be excused. Students calling home on their own will not be excused.


Prescription or over the counter medications cannot be dispensed by Health Office personnel without a doctor's written order and written parent permission. All medications are locked up in the Health Office, and dispensed per the physician's order. 

The only medications that can be carried a school without a parent's and doctor's authorization are contact solution, lip balm, cough drops and sunscreen. Per EdCode Sec 49423, even Tylenol, Advil, etc., are considered to be drugs and will be taken from students.


To find medical forms, please see Information about School Nurses and Healthcare on the Vista Unified School District's website.