Update for 12/8/22
Update for 11/1

  • The second week of November, the construction team will begin installing the second floor in the S building (building near Bobier).  The floor being installed is made of steel.  A large crane will be in use and this may cause more noise than usual.  
  • On November 14, we'll have a major concrete pour in the T-wing. The trucks will start rolling in at 7am and run until 3:30 - 4pm (See Map below). Forty-five trucks are anticipated so spotters and flaggers will be present at the areas with a red dot especially during peak times.

Juan Ayala,
Asst. Principal

Update for 5/1

  • -Currently we have finished drilling and filling the pilings in the front of the school (S-Bldg). There is still some subterranean utilities work being done. Many more pilings to be installed in the back (T-Bldg), although we are about 1/3 finished. Encountering more rocks in the back has slowed progress.
  • -Expect all pilings (S and T-Bldgs) to be finished in early June, when the footings and subsequent installation of the foundations will begin. Those slabs will be poured during the month of June.
  • -After graduation, expect utilities (sewage, plumbing, electrical, etc) work to begin where the staff parking lot will be dug up in different phases throughout the summer. This will impact summer school as access to the staff parking lot will be limited during the summer and the northern or back parking lot will be relied upon more regularly. Expect to see many steel trench plates laid across road-ways and parking lots.
  • -The V-wing will also be trenched and access to the V-wing will be limited over the summer. Summer School (Jun 13 - Jul 1 & Jul 5 - 22) and Bridge (Jul 25 - Aug 5) programs should not plan to use the V-wing classrooms. 
  • -Expect the summer to be a heavy time of construction with a lot of various contractors in and around the campus. This is a necessary means to being in a good position this fall to start the building and final push to complete the later construction phases. 
  • -Thank you for your patience through these distractions. You will begin to "see the light at the end of the tunnel" regarding construction, especially after your return from summer break!

Brian Josten
Asst. Principal

Update for 4/07/22

The first day of piling drilling was completed yesterday in the new S-wing, next to Bobier. 2 pilings (up to 30' deep) were drilled, framed (column of rebar inserted into the hole), and filled with concrete (one cement truck per piling, enough to pave 2.5 residential driveways). The noise did not seem too distractive (just knocked on my wooden desk). Please let me know if you experienced otherwise. 

There has been a cement-supply issue that curtailed piling construction for the remainder of this week. Drilling and filling pilings will continue again next week Tuesday, yes, during our CAASPP testing. The construction goal is to drill and fill 10 pilings per day at the new S-wing. Expect a continuous flow of cement truck traffic during this process. Again, please keep me advised of distraction issues, keeping in mind we must endure some noise and make some adjustments to get these two new buildings on our campus:-)

In two weeks, the fire lane by the T-wing (just north of the gym/boys locker room) will get asphalt and begin prepping for the piling process going on back there. Again these are initial steps that will get us to the realization of our new beautiful 3-story building on the northside of our campus!

Thank you for your patience in working through this time of transition. You are all doing a wonderful job of leading our students through this stage of campus transformation. Hang in there, take care, and be safe, Panthers!!
Brian Josten
Assistant Principal

Update for 3/11/22

There has been quite a bit of below-the-surface prep going on over the past couple months. Prep work will continue, but structural work will begin ramping up as spring progresses. At this time next year (2023), our two new buildings will be approaching completion so please keep the end in mind:-)

This Saturday, Mar 12th, the water will be shut off to the campus until approximately 9am. This is necessary in order to tie in the new and already existing sewer lines. We have some operations going on in the stadium this Saturday. We have porta-potties at the ready in case there are any delays in the work.

Today some of our classrooms along the southern part of campus got a whiff of the asphalt that was laid in the southern fire lane. The odor probably bothered some of our students/staff on that side of the campus. We appreciate your patience through this process and have arranged to ensure we warn staff members before any more asphalt is laid. This will give teachers the opportunity to move classrooms as required. No more asphalt will be laid in the S-Bldg area to the south, but will be laid on the northern fire lane (by the gym and boys locker room), but not for many weeks.

The asphalt is being laid so we can begin the next phase of construction, driving in the pilings to support our two new buildings. This will be a relatively noisy process and is scheduled to start during the week of Mar 21st. The pilings will go down about 30' and will support the two new buildings. The contractor plans to drill and prep about 6 pilings/day and will do this for both buildings (starting with the S-bldg to the south) for about 2 months. Once the process begins, you will be able to get an idea what the noise level will be and gauge whether your classes can live with it. Classrooms along the southern fire lane can have an alternate classroom plan in mind if required (please advise if you need classroom options). This is an important and necessary (although potentially distracting) step to the creation of our new buildings.

I realize there haven't been many construction updates lately. However, expect to get them more frequently as the spring progresses. Thank you for your patience and remember to keep the end in mind. Come down to the main office and take a look at the artist's renderings of what our new campus will look like in just over a year! Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.
Brian Josten
Assistant Principal

Update for 11/12/21
A water line has been ruptured on the south side of campus so some water lines have been secured to isolate the pipes so repairs can be done. The result is that water to the restrooms on the west side of the campus (including the gym) will be open and those restrooms are in service, but campus restrooms and watering stations on the east side of campus are NOT in service (the B, F, G, H, I, J, and K bldgs). 20 port-a-potties will be opened just to the south of the V-wing and a few more will be placed just to the south of the main office to provide some other options.

Cases of water will be provided to students outside the health office again to augment watering stations.

It is not certain how long the water from this breakage will take to fix. There is additional plumbing work that was scheduled after school on Monday. We are requesting that as much work be accomplished during this water shut-down so it will have less impact on Monday.
—Brian Josten

Update for 11/9/21
As you can see when entering through the front of the campus, the S-wing is now almost completely torn down. Demo continues on that wing, however, the work on the water pipes and valves in that area is not scheduled to begin until Thanksgiving break. Not having any water shut off during school is indeed good news:-)

We are still planning to conduct a test of the fire alarm system after school at some point next week. We have requested the test go over Thanksgiving break as well. However, if the testing must be done prior to that, we will do all possible to deconflict with other campus activities (including events around drama's upcoming play Almost, Maine- showing next week Nov 17, 18, and 19). More word to follow once dates are confirmed...

Regarding today's false fire alarm- classrooms in the V-wing evacuated to the stadium and then did not hear the "all clear" call (we were reminded that the PA system does not reach the stadium). In the future, we will dispatch a campus assistant or other staff member to pass the "all clear" message to those in the stadium. 

Thank you for your flexibility and support!
—Brian Josten

Update for 10/29/21

Please be advised that the fire alarm system will be tested again on Monday 11/1/2021 at 3:00PM. Expect frequent alarms both visual and aural. One of the duct detectors will be replaced at 1:00PM on Monday 11/1/2021 prior to the start of testing. After school programs and activities will certainly be affected.

The marquee has been taken offline as of today. It will be offline in order to finish the demo of the western-most modular S-wing classroom building. The work on the area on the southside of E11 was delayed due to lack of parts. Once the necessary parts are procured, the area will be dug up again and the barricades will be put up again. This could all occur within the next few weeks, but the marquee sign will be offline for a few months.

Again, please let me know of any questions or concerns. The situation remains very fluid and your patience is much appreciated.  —Brian Josten, Asst. Principal

Update for 10/18/21

Demolition of the T and R-wings has been all but completed. Construction slows down considerably when the weather gets wet. Once dry, work will continue at the northern site. Also, demolition of the S-wing will continue once the weather permits.

An asphalt contractor will be on site Oct 26th to lay an asphalt ramp at the north stadium entrance ramp, adjacent to our AG spaces.

The construction on our campus remains a very fluid situation and updates will be sent weekly or when something comes up that requires your attention. Your flexibility and communication are an important part of the overall success. Construction meetings happen at the end of each week (normally Thurs or Fri) and any campus concerns can be presented at that time.
—Brian Josten

Update for 10/18/21

Be advised that the water will NOT be shut off this afternoon, however, we can expect it will be shut off at some point in the future (possibly as early as this Wednesday). Updated information will be posted once a date is confirmed. We have let the construction manager know that shutting off the water after school, although much more favorable than during school hours, greatly impacts our students and staff involved with after school activities. Therefore, we are looking for ways to limit any negative impact by scheduling out water outages as far in advance as possible, grouping water outage events to the greatest extent possible, and targeting some weekend work when possible.

Update for 10/15/21
Please be advised that saw-cutting on the SW side of the E-Bldg will begin at 7am tomorrow morning. That will be followed by some air-hammering. The workers will be doing their best to have the most distracting noises finished within a couple hours (before 9:30).

Also, we are going to need to shut off the water on campus from 2:45pm Monday, Oct 18th until Tuesday morning, Oct 19th (water to be turned on prior to school beginning). This will impact our after school programs.

Student Access and Alternative Room Assignments
starting 10/14/21

Traffic Flow beginning 9/20/21