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Associated Student Body

The purpose of ASB, as approved by the Principal and the School Board of Vista Unified School District, is to facilitate ideas of education, extra-curricular activities, and school spirit. The purpose of the ASB shall be to give direction to the student body, to facilitate faculty and student body cooperation, maintain a workable student government, and develop school spirit and unity.

All students enrolled in Vista High School shall be members of the ASB.

See the Vista High Associated Student Body Constitution here.

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ASB applications for 2024-2025 


Any student who is interested in joining ASB for the 2023-2024 school year must complete an online application.
ASB Application Information 2024-2025

Click here for the application for Executive Members and Committee Leads. Applications close February 23rd.

Click here for the application for Class Officers. Applications close April 5th.

Click here for the general application for Class Members. Applications close April 5th.  Students do NOT need to submit this application if they already applied for an Executive, Committee Lead, or Class Officer position.  


Freshman Class Officer applications for 2024-2025 

Any freshman who would like to represent their class as an ASB officer.  A student does not need to be enrolled in ASB Leadership to be a class officer. The deadline to submit the application is September 8th, 2023.  UPDATED APPLICATIONS TO  BE ADDED IN SUMMER 2024.

Senior Class of 2024

The most updated information regarding senior events and celebrations can be found here


One of the primary duties of ASB is to host monthly Senate meetings where a representative from every class is welcome to attend. Students who attend are able to provide feedback, ask questions, make suggestions for events, or bring school-wide concerns to the attention of ASB, administration, or the District Office if necessary. A representative from administration will be present at each meeting. 

ASB Class Officers 2023/2024


  • Executive President: Toni Jaime
  • Executive Vice President: Malena Zendejas
  • Executive Secretary: Adam Draves
  • Executive Treasurer: Max Haure
  • Business Lead: Christian Trebbe
  • Public Relations Leads: Tanya Martinez & Yaksiri Solano
  • Publicity Lead: Grace Staff
  • Special Events Leads: Kenna Parker & Taylor Romney
  • Spirit Leads: Sadie O'Neill & Megan Krumheuer
  • Sports Leads: Kaia Fox & Grace Morales
  • Staff Recognition Leads: Karina Gosselin, Darla Nunez, Maddi Strang
  • Student Recognition Leads: Cindy Blancas & Navi Olozagaste
  • Tech Lead: Jordan Kondo
  • Senior Class President: Gabriella Hernandez 
  • Senior Class Vice President: Sofia Jaimes & Melody Hernandez 
  • Senior Class Secretary: Diana Perez 
  • Senior Class Treasurer: Hemma Gonzalez
  • Senior Class Officers: Katie Grace Marley, Sabrina Rodriguez, Natalia Tuomi
  • Junior Class President: Giovanni Garcia 
  • Junior Class Vice President: Olivia Larimore 
  • Junior Class Secretary/Treasurer: Angel Martinez
  • Sophomore Class President: Miley Cano 
  • Sophomore Class Vice President: Ayanna Johnson 
  • Sophomore Class Secretary: Tania Chavez 
  • Sophomore Class Treasurer:​Melina Sanchez
  • Freshman Class President: TBD​ 
  • Freshman Class Vice President: TBD 
  • Freshman Class Secretary:  TBD 
  • Freshman Class Treasurer: TBD