Community Service Hours, Free Gifts, and a Community of Friends

VHS Club Advisor: Ms. Wakefield
Student Club President: Daisy Aguilar
Club Affiliates: Vista Community Clinic
Facilitators: Carina Esquivel and Nancy Rocha, VCC

STAY Woke Club is a tobacco prevention and advocacy club.  Advocates, 14-18 years old, meet biweekly to learn about tobacco use, trends, and ways they can make a difference with their peers and the community. It has flourished into a dedicated group of student leaders with a passion for volunteerism. 

In the two short years that our club has been together, our members have received hundreds of community service hours, built partnerships with fellow youth across San Diego, and even earned a certificate of congressional recognition for their work. If you are looking to strengthen your resume or just want to make new friends, reach out to Mrs. Wakefield via email at, Ms. Carina at, or follow our club page on Instagram: @StayWokeClub

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Upcoming Events: Come chat with us at Club Rush on September 16th at lunch!
Past Events: CYAN Statewide Youth Advocacy Conference
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