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Principal: Megan Ratliff
Assistant Principal: 

ELD Resource Teacher: Kim Collier
760-726-5611 X71419

Liasion: Yuleni  760-726-5611 x71047 |

WHAT IS ELAC? A committee comprised of parents, staff, and community members specifically designed to advise school officials on English Learner program services.
REQUIREMENT Each California public school, grades kindergarten through 12, with 21 or more English Learners must form an English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC).

RESPONSIBILITIES The ELAC shall be responsible for advising the principal and staff on programs and services for English learners and the School Site Council with the development of the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA). 
The ELAC shall assist the school in the development of
The school’s needs assessments
Ways to make parents aware of the importance of regular school attendance

Will it benefit my student if I attend ELAC meetings? The more you know about your student’s education and school, the stronger your support will be in the educational success of your child. During these meetings information is shared about the English Learner Program and the objectives of the program. Members will be able make important recommendations to school principals and to School Site Council. Parents will collaborate with the school, district, and community to improve the quality of students' education.

Is parent participation important? Research shows that parental involvement contributes to student academic success. Because families have a lot of influence on their children's performance, it is crucial that schools, families and the community work together to make this happen. 


21/22 Meetings and Tasks:

November 3, 2021-Officer elections 
December 8, 2021-Officer Elections
January 19, 2022-Review SPSA   Zoom Link to Meeting
February 9, 2022-School Needs Survey
March 9, 2022-Importance of Attendance